Plastic Fabric Solutions

- Developed to attending medical and sanitarian contingencies.

-Facilitates mobility, installation, and uninstallation.

-Adaptable design for hospital attention.

-High durability and quality warranted.

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Temporary Shelters

• The space including ventilation windows, easy access, flexible and waterproof floor.

• Shelter made of 18 oz / yd2 Vinyl Material, 1000 Dennier, 14x14 thread count/in.

• Added with UV Resistant, Fire Retardant, and Fungus Retardants.

• Metallic structure gauge 14.

• This design can be complemented with ventilation ducts.

Available in color:

Dimensions and capacity:

*The capacity of the cabana is calculated using bunk beds.

Temporary All-Weather Mattress

• Made of 12 oz/ yd2 Vinyl Material, 1000 Dennier, 9x9 thread count/in.

• Vinyl Material FDA certificate.

• Standard size (35.4" x 6.6'.) for one person.

• Easy cleaning and disinfection.

Available in color:

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